#186: Steve Caballero along with Ted Felicetti of Don’t Panic


Steve Caballero, professional skateboarder and musician. Photo by, Jeremy Frasca.

Ted Felicetti, frontman of Don’t Panic.

Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast #186: Steve Caballero along with Ted Felicetti of Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic just released their second full length album, “Dark Horse”. Frontman, Ted Felicetti, was nice enough to talk with us for about 20 minutes just before having to hit the stage. Don’t Panic is currently on a short tour with The Queers.

Steve Caballero is a world famous skateboarder who also doubles as a punk rock musician. His new band, Urethane, packs quite a melodic punk punch. Their debut album, “Chasing Horizons”, drops September 24th via Cyber Tracks Records.

It was an honor talking with both of you!

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

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