#188: Dan Lambton of rationale.

Left to Right: Ryan Rumchaks, Joe Taylor, and Dan Lambton of rationale.

Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast #188: Dan Lambton of rationale.

Hey! I’m glad you’re here. We only have one guest on this episode but he’s a real treat and someone I’ve been wanting to catch up with for a long time. In early 2020, Dan Lambton and Real Friends announced Dan’s departure from the band. Since then, Real Friends, has welcomed Cody Muraro as their new lead vocalist and released a new EP. Dan on the other hand has devoted his time and energy into, rationale., a band he has been a part of since 2014 with Joe Taylor and Ryan Rumchaks of Knuckle Puck. rationale. just inked a deal with Smartpunk Records to release their sophomore album, If The Problem PersistsDan and I stripped down some of the meanings behind the new songs and also reminisced about the days when our old bands used to play shows with each other.

Thank you for being on the show, Dan! It was great to catch up after all these years.

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

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