#203: 10 Songs for January 2022

Hey! Happy New Year! I know we are already several days into 2022 but it’s better late than never. I hope you’re staying safe and healthy.

Our monthly 10 songs episode are back here on Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast! In no particular order, here are 10 songs I think you should give a listen to this month:

1. “No One Does Homecoming Like Us” – All Systems Go

2. “Concrete Feet” – Splits

3. “Against The Odds” – The Story Unfolds

4. “I’ll Be Fine” – Sad Plant

5. “Oh, Wait” – BEEA

6. “Best of Me” – Protect Your Heart

7.  “Century” – Youth Fountain *

8. “Aftermath” – Loss Of Signal

9. “Horrorshow” – Raccoon Tour

10. “Small Talk” – Autumn Fires




*Youth Fountain is the featured artist in this month’s Pop-Punk Takeout Box! Order your’s today by clicking HERE.



You can find all of these songs on the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast Spotify playlist! Be sure to vote for your favorite song in our Facebook Group. The song with the most votes stays on the playlist for another month!

Want your band to be possibly featured on a future 10 songs episode? Email an mp3 of the song you want to be considered, a bio, press photo, and logo to: 10songsepisodes@gmail.com

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

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