Become A Sponsor

Why should my band or business become a sponsor of Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast?

One of the main reasons people listen to Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast is to hear new music! That means YOUR music. I can’t tell you how many messages, emails, and comments I’ve received from listeners telling me this podcast has become one of their main sources to discovering new pop-punk bands. While we don’t have thousands upon thousands of listeners, we do have a few hundred dedicated followers, and growing. Pop-Punk & Pizza is gaining new listeners every week. Many listeners of Pop-Punk & Pizza are also members of bands. So if your business is geared towards artists in anyway, this podcast is the perfect platform to get the word out about the services or products you offer. Maybe you’re a screen printer, musical equipment dealer, photographer, graphic artist, or vinyl manufacturer. Not to mention all of our listeners love pizza! The list could go on forever. Pop-Punk & Pizza has the demographic you’re looking to hit!

What’s included when I become a sponsor? 

• I use a tool called, Dynamic Ad Insertion. It’s a powerful tool where we can automatically insert a host read script or commercial before, midway, or after each episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza. Also known as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. This includes episodes that are already published or have yet to be posted. This way, no matter which episode a person chooses to listen to, your message is being heard!

• Mentions on social media posts and email blasts for each episode. 

What’s the cost? 

$50 per month for pre-roll (Host read script or commercial before every episode plays.)

$70 per month for mid-roll (Host read script or commercial in the middle of every episode.)

$30 per month for post-roll (Host read script or commercial near the end of every episode.)

Interested? Let’s do this!

If you’re interested in a sponsorship, please fill out the form below, and include as much information about your band, business, event as possible. I will get back to you ASAP! 

Thanks a ton!

Jacques LaMore