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  • #167: Drives The Common Man

    This episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza is sponsored by, Rad-Pop Records artist, Follow Your Bliss, and their new single, “Solemnly Swear”, dropping this Friday, April 30th. Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast […]

  • #154: A Few Too Many

    This episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza is sponsored by, Gomez: A Charity Compilation. Featuring songs from Tim Rogner of Allister, Guardrail, Til Morning, and several others. All proceeds from the […]

  • #153: When The Sun Sets

    This episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza is sponsored by, High School Never Ends: A Pop-Punk Dad Podcast. Each week two pop-punk dads chat about your favorite bands and albums from […]

  • #152: Rival Town

    This episode of Pop-Punk and Pizza is sponsored by, Amazon Music. Get FREE unlimited access to over 70 million songs for 30 days by signing up at getamazonmusic.com/poppunkpizzapod. Plus, follow […]

  • #135: Erick Droegmoeller & Vinnie Fiorello of Lost Music Collective

    You may have read, heard, or seen the name, Lost Music Collective, floating around in the pop-punk scene the last year or so. What is it? I had the same […]

  • #129: FRND CRCL

    You know how you always want to go back in time and rewrite your past? Well, the cool thing about music is that you can do that! FRND CRCL of […]

  • #126: Hometruths

    It’s always a special treat when I get to talk with bands from other countries. The United Kingdom’s pop-punk scene has been growing quite a bit in recent years. The […]