• #128: Makena

    2020 has been an extremely tough year on all of us. With there being such a big focus on Covid-19, other important issues haven’t seen the spotlight as much. One […]

  • #127: Tara Hahn of Half Past Two

    Every songwriter has their own story to tell and when a guest comes on Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast to share their story, it always means a lot to me. Especially […]

  • #126: Hometruths

    It’s always a special treat when I get to talk with bands from other countries. The United Kingdom’s pop-punk scene has been growing quite a bit in recent years. The […]

  • #125: Marc Juliano of Goalkeeper

    “Happy”, by Goalkeeper, is easily one of the best pop punk songs of 2020. At least, in my opinion it is. A majority of you thought so too! It was […]

  • #124: 10 Songs for November 2020

    I’m thankful to have survived Covid! So far, anyway. My son and I made it through quarantine without ANY positive results for the virus. Thank you for patiently waiting for […]

  • New Episodes Delayed Until Nov. 10th

    Hey! I hope you had a great Halloween. Due to unfortunate events, there will NOT be any new episodes of Pop-Punk & Pizza podcast this week. If it all goes […]

  • #123: High Wire

    We’re getting spooky one last time on Pop-Punk & Pizza before Halloween hits! Joe, Cameron, and Chris of Chicago band, High Wire, join me on the podcast to talk about […]

  • #122: Stephen Krypel of World War Me

    World War Me is a band that I had heard of, but didn’t know any of their music. Then, about a month ago, I received an email from World War […]

  • #121: Loren Israel

    One of my top ten favorite albums of all time is, “Bleed American”, by Jimmy Eat World. In my eyes, it’s a masterpiece. So when I learned that producer/A&R executive, […]

  • #120: Stubhy Pandav

    It’s always interesting to hear what an artist truly thinks of their work. You and I rank our favorite albums by a certain band or artist all the time. How […]