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New single “JOAN” by Ariel View (Review)

I had the privilege to listen to Ariel View ‘s new single “JOAN” ahead of its official release, and here is my review.

By: Noelle Matonis

“JOAN” out Jan. 27

JOAN is a fast paced, pop-punk jam with heavy guitar riffs and punchy drum beats accompanied by lyrics about perseverance, conviction, and using your setbacks as motivation.

-Ariel View

JOAN might be Ariel View’s heaviest release so far, and in my recent interview with them, they mentioned their next record might be a little heavier, so this makes sense and I’m excited to hear what they release next.

Ariel View group photo. Left to right: Caesar, Harmonie, Nadine, AJ.
Photo: Ariel View

The beginning of the song almost sounds like the singer (Harmonie) is in the same room as listener, which gives it a more DIY effect. The chorus is very pop-punk and catchy and has Real Friends and older-All Time Low vibes with Paramore-like vocals. The bridge is pretty heavy by making good use of the bass drums, the cymbals, and the distortion on the guitar, and I think the little pick-slides are a nice touch.

Overall, I think the song is well mixed, because you can hear the vocals clearly at every point in the song. The vocals seem louder at one point in the bridge when it gets little more mellow, so when the song transitions back into the bigger chorus with all the instruments together, it feels even bigger because it’s a good contrast. The whole song flows well; the verses transition to the chorus effortlessly. As the chorus culminates to a finish with the distortion on the guitar, it gives me a satisfying feeling of closure.

The only thing I can think of that could be improved is maybe they could’ve added some of the flair that they had in their more alternative The Strokes-esque songs that makes them sound unique. This song also has a basic song structure, so maybe they could’ve experimented with something a little different. Because while this is a solid pop-punk song, it leaves something to be desired in regards to standing out.

Overall, I’d say this is a solid song and I look forward to hearing what Ariel View has in store.

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Ariel View Interview

Photo: Ariel View. Left to right: AJ, Nadine, Harmonie, Caesar

Ariel View is a pop-punk female-fronted band based in Southern California. Their music draws inspiration from acts like Paramore, Green Day, and the Strokes, while also infusing their own unique indie-rock sound. I had a chance to interview them about how they met, what got them into music, their favorite gear, getting to play on stage with Green Day, and more!

Interviewer: Noelle Matonis

First off, tell us where you’re from and what your roles are in the band, like what instruments do you each play? 

Hello! We’re Ariel View, a pop-punk band from Ontario, California. There’s 4 of us in the band: Harmonie is our lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player, Nadine plays drums, Caesar plays bass and AJ plays lead guitar!

How did you guys meet and decide to start making music together?

Harmonie: Long story short Caesar, Nadine and I met through our local music store. At the time we were looking for a lead guitar player and my dad actually happened to discover AJ at a local show and suggested we link up and the rest is history!

You started releasing music in 2019, but when did the band actually start?

The band first started in 2014 with Harmonie and her sister Heaven and a few other members. Two years later Nadine joined as a permanent member, followed with the addition of Caesar and AJ in 2021.

How did you come up with your band name?

Harmonie: When the band first became a thing we had signed up to perform at an open mic night on a whim, but I realized we didn’t have an official name yet. So I was scrambling around searching for a word in a book or lyric in a song. I happened to be really into The Front Bottoms at the time (still am) and the song “The Beers” came on and the lyrics “there’s an aerial view from your house to my room” stood out so much that I decided, “hey, why not call this thing Ariel View.”

You released your new single “Constant Battle”, in October; can you talk about what that song is about and what the lyrics of that song mean to you?

Harmonie: This song was a cool one to write because it was one of the first songs where I felt like I could “word vomit” and say whatever I wanted to say. There’s a lot of “complaining” in the song – I talk about how I don’t feel listened to and how things are constantly an uphill battle, but maybe that was just me being in a dark phase in my life haha.

Photo: Ariel View

What do you think makes your band unique from other pop-punk bands?

We feel like what makes us different is that we aren’t necessarily trying to be a pop-punk band, each of us have our own separate influences that then creates this pop-punk sound as a result.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s funny because our sound has changed a bit over the years, and it might have to do with changes in band members. It started off very much indie surf rock, that’s the sound we were influenced by from going to backyard shows in our hometown. But I’d say we’ve always had an edge to us. Now, I think our sound is going in a more punk-rock direction, while still being reminiscent of that “indie” sound we once had.

What artists or bands inspire or influence you when you’re writing songs?

Musically we are heavily inspired by bands like Paramore, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and newer bands like Neck Deep and The Story So Far!   

You covered “Reptilia” by the Strokes. I really like that song and I think you did a good job of covering it. What made you decide to cover that song in particular? Are there any other songs you’d like to cover?

Thank you! We had a lot of fun recording that cover. I think the reason we picked that song in particular is because we knew it like the back of our hands from playing it at the end of every backyard show we played. We were talking about how cool it would be to cover an old blink song like “Josie” or “Carousel” – something that could make the crowd just go insane. 

What first got you into music or playing music?

Caesar: Listening to Sum 41, looking back at their music videos and seeing how fun it looked made me want to be in a band with my friends. 

Nadine: I was really into My Chemical Romance as a kid and I wanted to play instruments, so I tried every single one of them and drums just kinda stuck.

AJ: I grew up listening to all the classic stuff from the 70s and 80s because of my parents, until I discovered Green Day when I was like 11. I gravitated towards that style of rock from the 2000s, and watching live performance videos by those bands really influenced my music taste and showmanship.

Harmonie: When I was growing up, my dad was in a ton of cover bands so I was constantly around music. It made it really easy to fall in love with it because it’s always been such a huge part of my life.

Do you have any jobs or hobbies outside of making music?

Harmonie: Yes, I work at a coffee shop and love going rock climbing and bowling with my friends. 

Caesar: I’m a photographer for the Inland Empire hardcore scene, an amateur bowler and love whiskey.

AJ: I work for an after-school music program teaching students how to play guitar, be in a band, and music technology. I also work at a local recording studio and spend most of my time with my dogs.

Nadine: I like to play video games and go hiking with my buddy. I’m a really big fan of those activities.

 Photo credit: @psychi.media on Instagram

Have there been any challenges or weird things that have happened at shows or when you’re on the road or anything like that?

During our last tour, we had to drive through the absolute worst and scariest snowstorm for like, 4 hours in the middle of the night. Oregon has some mean weather, to say the least. 

You got to play on stage with Green Day at one of their concerts, which is awesome, what was that like?

Harmonie: It was one of the wildest experiences of my life! I really couldn’t believe it was real, like only 200 kids have ever got that experience and I was one of them! As soon as Billie asked the crowd if anyone played guitar I asked someone beside me to just throw me up so I could get his attention and he noticed me right away! When he called me up my heart was beating so fast and it felt like a dream. The entire band was so nice, and Billie encouraged me to have much fun –  it felt a little less scary knowing that he was right behind me lol. My adrenaline was so high that my entire mouth got dry and I almost couldn’t talk! Hands down will forever be a highlight of my life. 

What is your songwriting process, like do you usually write the lyrics first and then the music or the opposite?

Harmonie: I usually write the music first. It starts out with a simple chord progression and then I start humming melodies that I feel fit with what I’m playing. Lyrics happen as soon as I have a solid melody I want. If there’s words that I don’t think work, I’ll keep trying until I find a better fit!

If you could collaborate with any artist or band, who would it be?

Caesar: I would love to work with Neck Deep and The Story So Far and have either a vocalist feature on an AV song, or have either band work with AV and collaborate on a song together.

AJ: I think it would be so sick to get in the studio with Miley Cyrus because I think she’s so incredibly talented! Or Brendon Urie. He’s fantastic.

Nadine: Ah fuck it, My Chem.

Harmonie: If Billie Joe Armstrong has some time in his schedule to write a whole album with AV that would be a dream! Hopefully Rob Cavallo would be down to produce it!

Are there any specific guitars or gear you use for live shows or recording that you really like?

AJ: You will always see me with my white Gibson Les Paul Studio. That’s like my baby and I’ll probably be playing it as long as I’m alive. For recording, I just got my hands on the Lewitt LCT 1040 tube microphone, and its versatility is like nothing I’ve ever used before. Definitely my #1 piece of studio gear.

Caesar: My prized possession, my Music Man bass. I also love my Tech 21 SansAmp, and my darkglass amp.

Harmonie: My go-to guitar is a Fender Mustang through a Blues Jr. amp. It’s a really good combination for live shows. In the studio, I use a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp.

Nadine: All the guitars. Just kidding, I like my SJC Titan aluminum snare. My favorite cymbals are Zildjian K Series (shout out to Zildjian). 

What has been your favorite venue to play at so far, or which venue do you really want to play at sometime in the future? It can be big or small.

Nadine: We played the Green Room in Tyler, TX. That was probably my favorite because it seemed like all the kids in town came out to be rowdy and have a good time. I really want to play the Independent in San Fran with my buddies.

AJ: My favorite so far was the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO. For the future, I’d love to play the big stage at SOMA, San Diego, or the Shrine Expo Hall in LA.

Harmonie: So far, my favorite venue to play has probably been the Roxy. I would love to play Gilman Street in Berkeley someday. I totally agree with Alex too, the Shrine Expo Hall would be awesome.

Caesar: Favorite venue so far is for sure the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO. Best sound, best staff, all around good vibe from that venue. A future venue I would love to play would be The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. One of my personal favorites.

Photo credit: @psychi.media on Instagram

You wrote, recorded, and mastered your last album entirely at Harmonie’s home studio and released it under your own label, Velvet Sun Records. I imagine that’s very difficult to do all by yourself, so were there any challenges you encountered with that? 

I’d say the biggest challenge was finding the time to create the best record possible in a space where other people live as well. Nadine tracked drums in the practice space/living room and sometimes we had to stop and wait if someone was in the kitchen or making noise in the house. So scheduling was the most difficult, aside from actually laying down all the tracks. 

Were there any lessons you learned from that that you think you’ll take with you when creating your next album or EP or song?

It would be really cool to rent a space in the woods for like a month and set up to record there. 

Are there any specific record labels you would like to be signed to in the future? 

Hopeless Records! But we love what Pure Noise, Fueled by Ramen, Interscope, and Fearless Records are doing, as well as the bands on their rosters.

What is your favorite song that you’ve released so far?

Harmonie: Dirty Mouth

Nadine: Escapes Me

AJ: Misunderstood, but it will change Jan 27th 😉

Caesar: Irrelevant Opinion

Photo credit: @psychi.media on Instagram

What is your favorite song to play live?

Irrelevant Opinion is for sure our favorite song to play live! It has everything our little pop-punk hearts are looking for. 

What overall message do you hope people get from listening to your music? Or what do you hope they get out of it?

I hope that when people listen to our music they feel a sense of belonging and comfort, and the message we try to convey in our music, as a whole, is to always be yourself and don’t let whatever is going on in the outside world get you down.

Are you planning on releasing another album anytime soon? What musical direction do you think you want to take for it?

Yes! Absolutely. We’re hoping that when we get back from tour we can start zoning in on writing. We’re itching to get more music out there for everyone to hear. I think we might go just a tad heavier than we’ve ever gone but we will see!

Since this is the Pop-Punk & Pizza podcast, I wanted to ask what’s your favorite kind of pizza?

We all can appreciate a good pepperoni if we’re all sharing! We usually go to Blaze Pizza when we want to splurge! We’re all huge advocates for putting pineapple on our pizza… except for Harmonie. 

You’re currently on your West Coast tour, do you usually have to prepare yourself mentally for tour or are you able to just go out there and do it?

Honestly, we all just kinda throw our stuff in the van and hope for the best.

Where can our listeners find your music? 

Any streaming services! Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and if you want to listen to our music for free we’re on YouTube, as well!

Anything else you’d like to plug or mention? Like shows or social media?

We’re going to be doing a residency at the Silverlake Lounge in LA during the month of March, so be on the lookout for that announcement really soon!

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Pre-Save Ariel View’s newest single “Joan”, out Jan 27! And in the meantime, check out my review of it here!


L.S. Dunes ‘Past Lives’ album review

L.S. Dunes – Past Lives album review: fresh and rippin’


L.S. Dunes band photo by Mark Beemer

From left to right: Tim Payne, Tucker Rule, Frank Iero, Anthony Green and Travis Stever (Photo by Mark Beemer)

L.S. Dunes is a supergroup of sorts comprised of My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero, Circa Survive and Saosin vocalist Anthony Green, Thursday drummer Tucker Rule, bassist Tim Payne, and Coheed & Cambria guitarist Travis Stever. The band has explained that “L.S.” mainly stands for “love songs for lost souls”; however, the lyrics of their song “Grey Veins” reveal even more possible meanings of the two letters (We’ll get to that later). L.S. Dunes released their debut album Past Lives, last Friday, Nov 11. The album synergizes the sounds of each member’s styles, and sounds fresh at the same time. The genre can overall be described as post-hardcore, but it also sounds new and unique from what other post-hardcore acts have done in the past.

Many of the lyrics are about dealing with the effects of the pandemic. From reading the lyric booklet, I can see that they are very poetic and intentional as well, which is something I love to see in music. In short, it is a totally rockin’, rippin’ album.

Past Lives album art

Here is my review of each song on Past Lives.

1. 2022

As with a typical post-hardcore song, 2022 starts out already swinging. Then it slows down when it gets to the chorus, and becomes almost dreamy before going hard again. The bridge is intense and suspenseful; I can imagine it playing at a point in a movie when someone is running away, trying to reach whatever their ultimate checkpoint is. It goes out with a bang and ends with faint, mysterious piano.

2. Antibodies

Antibodies starts out with a solid melody. It’s definitely something you’ll want to bop your head to. It’s a little more upbeat-sounding than 2022. It still has a twinge of sadness to it with the guitar though.

3. Grey Veins

This is one of my favorites on the album. LOVE the bassline this starts out with. The vocals in the beginning are soaring and ethereal. I LOVE the chorus too–It’s something I can specifically picture Frank Iero writing and singing, even though he’s not singing on this album. However, he did sing the some of the chorus when they performed it live at Riot Fest in Chicago in September. That might be part of why I can picture it; but it’s not just that. It reminds me of a song on one of his solo albums, like Barriers (2019). Anyway, it’s very vibey and kinda chill, but not too chill, like you can still rock out to it. I’ll probably have it on repeat. In addition, the lyrics give more possible meanings to the acronym “L.S.”, such as: laughing stock, limitless song, loveless sour, leave so long, etc., and then does it reversed: “separated line, sensing less, so long”, etc. I like how the lyrics are so intentional and almost cryptic, in a way you have to think about what they mean; because you don’t get that very often these days.

4. Like Forever

Starts out with great screamed vocals. As with all the songs, the layered guitars compliment each other very well. The bass is also audible in every song, which I appreciate, because this is not always the case with other artists/bands. It’s not a track that stands out to me compared to the other ones, but it’s good and cohesive with the other songs.

5. Blender

The guitar melody in the beginning is almost bluesy, but emo at the same time, and makes me picture someone in an empty bar, looking out the window. I know that’s very specific, but I’m just trying to paint a picture here. It’s a good song to listen to while you contemplate your life.

6. Past Lives

This one starts out more upbeat and faster than the last one. The bass is especially clear on this one in the beginning, and there is something mysterious and almost alien-synth about the guitar. It transitions into the chorus nicely and makes you want to bop your head along to it. “I know we can get well,” is one of the lyrics on this one that stands out to me, and the lyrics on this one are overall encouraging. Then the guitar sounds kind of violin-y, which is interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guitar sound like that before, if that even is a guitar, but I think it’s cool.

7. It Takes Time

This one starts out with a beachy sounding guitar. The guitar on the pre-chorus reminds me a little of “Aberdeen” by Cage The Elephant, and kind of has that vibe on the bridge as well. It’s kind of eerie in a way.

8. Bombsquad

I love how the guitar on this one starts out. Definitely another head-bopper. This is one of my favorites on the album. I really like the licks of the lead guitar as well as the fast strumming of the rhythm guitar on the verses. The chorus is a jam too.

9. Grifter

This one is really cool on the pre-chorus as well as the chorus. It’s dramatic and epic with the echoey vocals and then the transition to the heightened excitement.  I mean, the whole song is really cool. I love the screams and the dramatic drums on the bridge–it’s almost something that could be on The Black Parade. It’s not quite that vibe, but it is a really cool and epic song in my opinion, almost rallying.

10. Permanent Rebellion

This is my favorite song on the album. First, there’s a sound that reminds me of .Stomachaches. by frank iero and the cellabration. The bassline in the beginning reminds me a little of the one in “Give ‘Em Hell, Kid” by My Chem; and the fast drums build the excitement, and remind me of the drums in the beginning of “Stay Away” by Nirvana. So naturally, it’s my favorite. It’s catchy and I LOVE the screams on this one. The chorus is thrashy and you can definitely headbang to it. I really hope I get to see this one live sometime (I wanted to see their set at Riot Fest but unfortunately was held hostage by the secret service, but that’s a story for another day). It’s energetic and lets you get some of your anger out.

12. Sleep Cult

This is the slowest one on the album, and my least favorite, because I don’t typically like slow songs, but it does do a good job of closing out the album. It’s got a doo-wop thing to it, and it’s kind of like a slow-dance song. But the dark lyrics contrast that sound: “Sorry that I wish that I was dead.”

Overall, I love the screamed vocals, the layered guitars, the strong clear bass, and the exciting drums on this album. I also really like the lyrics and I can tell they put a lot of thought into them, which I appreciate. I will have songs from this album on repeat, like Permanent Rebellion and Grey Veins, which are my favorites. Bombsquad and Grifter are really cool too. I would definitely recommend this album, especially if you like post-hardcore, emo, alternative, grunge, hard rock, or screamo. There are elements of all those genres on this album, and at the same time, it sounds fresh and different. Congrats to the band for working hard on this album and making it sound awesome! I love it.

Listen to Past Lives here or anywhere you get music.

You can find L.S. Dunes on:     Instagram      Facebook      Twitter      YouTube      Tik Tok

L.S. Dunes are performing at Corona Capital in Mexico City, Mexico next (11/18).

L.S. Dunes tour dates

L.S. Dunes tour dates

If you got this far, here’s a bonus photo of me with Frank Iero at Riot Fest (AAAHHH!!)

Me with Frank Iero at Riot Fest!!!

Noelle Matonis

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Palaye Royale Fever Dream Review: You will cry and dance

Palaye Royale Fever Dream album cover

Palaye Royale ‘s new album, Fever Dream, was released today (10/28) on Sumerian Records.

A track-by-track review of Palaye Royale ‘s new album Fever Dream

Palaye Royale released their new album Fever Dream today! I’ve listened to the singles that came out before the album, but today is the first time I’ve listened to the rest of the songs, and I can already say it has my vote for album of the year.  If you like My Chemical Romance and/or the White Stripes, and/or kick-ass music, you will love Palaye Royale. Perhaps their most ambitious album, it has sounds from their first couple albums, Boom Boom Room Side A (2016) and Boom Boom Room Side B (2018), some sounds from their 2020 album, The Bastards, and synergizes it with a whole new sound. It has big concept album vibes, including MCR’s The Black Parade (2006) vibes, that will make you both cry and dance. It is the kind of music that hits you in the soul, takes you for a ride and makes you want to scream, “YESSS!!!”

In this review, I will be going into my first impressions of the newly released songs on the album, as well as  commentary on the already-released songs.


Tracks 1&2: Eternal Life (Intro) & Eternal Life

The intro starts out with a mellow guitar that ellicits a certain feeling to get you into the mood. After the intro, the ripping guitars kick in. The guitars in this song remind me a lot of the guitars on “Sleep” from MCR’s The Black Parade, which Palaye Royale frontman Remington Leith has stated was his favorite MCR album, so it makes sense. This is definitely one of my favorites on the album. The bridge starts out with some wicked guitars, and then changes it’s melody a few times, which was unexpected, and kind of caught me off guard. However, I definitely feel like that part will grow on me the more I listen to it. Plus, songs that are too predictable usually aren’t as good anyway. And if you know me, you probably already guessed that I love the screamed vocals on this song.

Track 3: No Love In LA

This was the first single Palaye Royale released from Fever Dream, back in the summer, and it is still a bop. Plus, now I see how it fits into the album. Because of this single, I thought the album was going to be more pop than their other albums, which it is, but it’s also a mix of that with rock and a big concept-album feel. This song is catchy and ends with an eerie orchestra of violins, which makes it tie in more with the rest of the album. Also, I just realized as I was typing this that the violin outro kind of reminds me of the outro to “Mama” from The Black Parade. There will be more mentions of that album in this review, just sayin.’

Track 4: Punching Bag

“Punching Bag” is another single that was released before the album around the same time as “No Love In LA”. It has eerie and dramatic vibes, and the lyrics have a sarcastic tone to the person who is treating the narrator like a punching bag. I originally liked this one more than No Love In LA, because it’s darker and has more screamed vocals; however now I don’t know because they’re both great.

Track 5: Broken

Not one of my favorites on the album; it’s more pop-sounding and one of the slower tempo songs. However, it’s still good, especially if you prefer those kind of songs. It’s sad as well–actually, pretty much all of the songs on this album are sad in some way.

Track 6: Fever Dream

This was a single released very close to the album’s release. When I first listened to it, I cried a little, not gonna lie. It immediately reminded me of “Welcome To The Black Parade”, because of it’s concept-album sound. That essence is difficult to describe, but what I mean is that it’s big/grandiose/epic. If you just listen to it, you’ll understand. It also reminds me a little of the melody/chorus in “The Only Hope for Me is You” from MCR’s Danger Days (2010).

Track 7: Line It Up

The piano in the beginning is very reminiscent of Michael Andrews and Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World” originally by Tears For Fears. Interestingly, Palaye Royale has also covered that song. The lyrics of “Line It Up” hit close to home for the band, according to some of their posts on Instagram. They have mentioned that the lyrics talk about the hardships they are going through on the road, being in the band, and in their life right now. This song features vocals from LP, which is an artist I haven’t heard of before, but the addition of their higher-pitched vocals go very well in harmony with Remington’s lower voice.

Track 8: Toxic In You

This song sounds pretty upbeat, despite its lyrics, and I personally think it would be good to listen to while working out. It’s not as memorable as the other songs, and it’s also the shortest one on the album, being 2 mins 20 sec. It’s a solid jam though.

Track 9: Wasted Sorrow

Wasted Sorrow takes me back to their first two albums with The Stooges-like garage-rock sound. It also includes some “Sleep”- sounding guitars in the beginning and chorus. It’s an eerie addition to this otherwise upbeat-sounding song. It’s pretty energetic and it’s one of the best songs on this album in my opinion.

Track 10: Paranoid

This was another single released before the album, and I really do love this one. It’s not my favorite, but it’s catchy and it makes you want to sing along to it. It also has a good build-up to the dramatic bridge, and then calms down again before heading back into the catchy chorus.

Track 11: Oblivion

Grab some tissues for this one, you might need ’em. This is the slowest and most ballad-y song on this album. It’s still good, just not one of my favorites, because I don’t typically like slow songs. But the lyrics are relatable, interesting, and from the heart, as with every song on the album.

Track 12: Lifeless Stars

The ordering of this track after Oblivion works well in my opinion, because this is also a slower song. Although, I like it better. It’s very calming and something about the melody and the drums makes it a little more upbeat. Come to think of it, I don’t believe Oblivion has drums on it.

Track 13: King of the Damned

This one will definitely make you want to dance and jump. Another one of my favorites. Gives me chills. I love it, and I hope they play it live at their future shows; I think it would be great live. It has a good stomping beat and it’s very energetic. Also, good distant screams in the background of the bridge. Definitely an anthem.

Track 14: Off With The Head

This gave me chills all the way through the song. If you thought “King of the Damned” was good, you’ll love this one too, maybe even more. This also has a good stomping beat and a quality that makes you want to shout the lyrics along with it. It also has some great distorted White-Stripes-like guitar. In addition, it totally reminds me so much of “Kiss The Ring” from one of MCR’s Conventional Weapons (2013) EPs. It ends abruptly and then goes into the outro. I really wish there was more to this song because it’s so great, and the outro is basically a completely different song altogether. I feel like it needed more closure.

Track 15: Off With The Head (Outro)

Not entirely sure why this one didn’t just get it’s own title, because as I said, it sounds completely different from the previous song and has a completely different vibe. However, it’s definitely a closing song; it’s slow and fades out at the end, with the lyrics repeating. It lets you chill out after you’ve been dancing like a crazy person to the last two songs. It also reminds me a little of Green Day’s “Jesus of Suburbia”, not because of the melody or the sound of it, but because of the way it transitions from the last song and changes tempo from fast to slow. This was just my first impression, but I kind of hoped it would’ve closed out with a little more “oomph” rather than just fading out. But maybe my opinion will change after more listens.

Palaye Royale Fever Dream In Conclusion

Overall, this album is cohesive and the order of the songs flow as well. The lyrics are also very relatable. It is a different sound from Palaye Royale’s past albums, but definitely still sounds like the band. My favorite album of theirs is still The Bastards (2018), because every single song on that album rips and is a favorite, but I love this one a lot.

You can really tell that Palaye Royale poured their heart and soul into this album, working to make sure it was what they wanted it to be. They really cared about making this the best they could, and it shows. I will definitely continue listening to this amazing album.

I was going to rank the songs, but it was too hard, so I’ll just tell you my favorites: “Eternal Life”, “Off With The Head”, “King of the Damned”, “Wasted Sorrow”, “No Love In LA”, and “Punching Bag”.

Palaye Royale is so underrated and if you haven’t already, listen to me. YOU NEED TO CHECK THEM OUT!!!

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One date left on North American tour: Nov 6 in LA


Next up is European & UK Tour

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